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Daycare "Retreat" Services

Let your pup experience our daycare "retreat". An indoor park-like setting, with access to an outdoor space,  fresh filtered water, comfortable resting places on premium "Kuranda" beds or vinyl cots, lots of social, physical, & mental enrichment with our Paw Pad Coaches. Our Retreat allows small & large dogs to play together. 


"A place where dogs can be dogs."

Dog Portrait

Paw Pad "Join the Pack Assessment"

All "Retreat" Services start off with setting up a file for your pup(s).


Book online: 


 or download the "Gingr for Pet Parents" App from the App Store. Using invite code: 853602

Enter your email & choose a password

Fill out your information and your pup(s) information. 


View & Sign our waivers

Answer some general questions about your pup(s)

Upload a photo of your pup's vaccination records, and flea/tick/deworming boxes. 

Wait for a team member to review and contact you to set up the assessment.


Assessment Fee:


*The assessment fee will be credited if your pup signs up for our Join Pack the Membership, at the time of acceptance of your pup to our center.

*All pups must pass our assessment in order to access Retreat Services. 

*All prices are plus HST

Daycare "Retreat" Pricing

Full Day Retreat 

Choose a drop off time between 7:00-10:30 am to bring your pup to us. Full day pups can stay from 7am-6pm. 


Full day Play Pass (single)        $44

5 day Paw Pass                           $210

(*savings of $10! Daily rate $42/day) 


10 day Paw Pass                           $400

(*savings of $44! Daily rate $40/day)   

20 day Paw Pass                          $760 

(*savings of $120! Daily rate-$38/day)

Ask us about our Early Paw Pass for 6:30am drop offs for $9.99 plus tax. 

Half Day Retreat

Choose a drop off time between 7:00-10:30 am to bring your pup to us. Half day pups can stay up to 5 hours. 

Half day Paw Pass  (single)        $30 

5 Half Day Paw Pass                    $140

(*savings of $10)

10 Half Day Paw Pass                  $270

(*savings of $25 or 1 day free)

*Pups are not accepted into the pack after 10:30 am. This allows for our pack to reset and our programing to begin. 

*Half days roll into a full day rate if your pup is not picked up after 5 hours of play 

*"Dog house" late fee $1/per minute after 6pm

*All passes expire 1 year after date of purchase. No refunds on used Paw Pass Packages

*All prices are plus HST

Two dogs

Join the Pack Membership

Be an official pack member for at least 4 weeks in the Retreat. Along with all benefits of being a Paw Pad Pup, you also get exclusive member benefits included:

-Guaranteed spot in Retreat on your chosen day(s) (*subject to availability at time of purchase of your membership)

-Faster check-in & out

-Treat of the Month to go home

-VIP Birthday Charcuterie & Photo

-Special in store and service specials

-Welcome Pack (*first time sign up only)


1 day/week  $40.00/week  (*40/day)

2 days/week $76/week  (*42/day)

3 days/week $108/week  (*36/day)

4 days/week $136/week    (*34/day)

*Read more on our membership under the "Policies" tab. You are committing to at least a 4 week term for this pricing. Pass(es) expire at the end of every week.

*All prices are plus HST

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